Becoming queer and the body good

Raising right up in Australia in a time when fad diets and homophobia had been very popular, for me, the 90’s and very early 00’s meant fad diets and sneaking off to Sydney to create on with girls in the weekend. We hid my personal sexuality and pushed my self having relationships with males to appease society, We went on every diet imaginable to try and squeeze into what diet culture had persuaded all of us ended up being the ‘ideal body’.

We disliked myself for good portion of my personal teenagers and very early 20s. We slipped into and out-of despair, anxiousness and eating condition spirals, all because I happened to be wanting to change myself personally in order that We match another person’s ideal.

A couple weeks ago, I became expected in an interview: “As a proud fat lesbian, do you realy genuinely believe that the human body positivity, sexuality and in turn your sex appearance tend to be intrinsically connected?” I’dn’t actually considered this connection.


n my head, sex being fat have actually many similarities: both are facets of a person that are vastly away from their control, they’re able to be linked with an intense feeling of embarrassment and self-loathing and they are both individual characteristics that society views as actually their company if it has actually absolutely nothing regarding anyone. (Thank you, culture.)

Being homosexual in Australia was not fun; thriving the battle for wedding equivalence together with absolute torture that was the
postal vote
ended up being a proper highlight. Despite the undercurrent of homophobia present throughout Australian Continent, I been able to discover my opted for household, and through all of them and moving to Melbourne, I became and away and happy lesbian. Exactly why wouldn’t I end up being proud? I was produced in this manner.

I became produced fat as well, but society hasn’t caught up with that one but.


n taking into consideration the concern from my personal interview, I realized my personal sex expression will be the crucial link between my sexuality and my own body positivity.

If you were probably mark myself, I am a recherche femme mure, as well as a number of years We clung compared to that tag. Fitting into a heteronormative ‘femme’ role made becoming gay much more palatable and my personal want to conform had been mirrored by my personal wardrobe. In an effort to match the femme character, We wore just rockabilly outfits, comprise and heels for a solid 2 years.

I baked, We washed, We amused, I became a Stepford spouse on steroid drugs. On the exterior, I found myself what culture thought a feminine lesbian should really be. I became also miserable and I also disliked my own body, however you could not truly note that. I hid my personal rolls under petticoats, my personal self-consciousness under layers of makeup and my personal need to be loved by others distracted me from proven fact that i did not love my self.

I was super girly, extremely homosexual and super drilling unhappy.

My own body positivity quest started about 1 . 5 years before, even after I accepted my sex, because although itisn’ longer socially appropriate to discriminate against someone for their sexuality, if they are fat… do it. They did this to themselves, they may be harmful, you have to save yourself them from on their own, getting excess fat is actually a choice!

Begin to see the irony?

Residing in Melbourne, where self-expression is actually urged and gender fluidity from inside the queer society is becoming standard, I have discovered a discovered sense of self. While i’m a cisgender lesbian, I simply take really determination from my personal non-binary siblings while they stay their resides as their correct selves, unashamed and uninhibited. Famous brands
Ruby Allegra
A Bear Named Troy
give me personally existence and all of the inspiration I want to embrace every facet of my sex phrase.

I am today at a point during my life in which We say “fuck community” – I like my human body and I also’ll wear everything I like. This is an idea that lots of individuals find difficult to understand, and often, offensive.

You are a size 18 and you are not dieting? Hold off, exactly what?

That is right, bitch.

I like myself simply the way i’m, which newly located self-love provides helped me personally accept my gender expression entirely. I’m however elegant. I like wearing make-up and putting on a costume, but on the other hand, We not any longer have the fat of culture forcing us to hunt a particular way.

I use jeans in public places, We go out without make-up on and I publicly and unabashedly embrace my personal stronger even more ‘masculine’ traits. I’m not modest, I’m not dainty, I am strong, physically, psychologically and emotionally. I fill up room and I will not apologise for that.


ustralia continues to be decades behind the kind of The usa together with UNITED KINGDOM with regards to body positivity, excess fat activism, and LGBTIQ legal rights. However, I was lucky enough to have both encircled myself personally with a picked family just who love and help me personally, and found it deeply in my own heavy and juicy upper thighs to love me when it comes down to fat lesbian that i will be, despite society constantly informing me personally that the two areas of my self that we keep most dear are unnatural and basically generate me the devil.

Sex and body-positivity are only actually connected in the same way that, in the event that you pay attention to culture, might start to think that there’s something wrong with you, when actually, you are best simply the means you happen to be.

The reason why hide your own light as soon as you happened to be born to shine?

Lacey-Jade Christie is based in Melbourne, Australian Continent and is also the number of this Australian Body Positivity Podcast unwanted fat Collective.

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